Guinness is Good for You

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The Guinness Storehouse and Brewery, which was built in 1902 is in the heart of old Dublin. Each day 3 million pints of Guinness are brewed in the Brewery. The Storehouse has 1.2 million visitors per year.

We chatted to guide Domhnall Marnell who gave us a tour of the building, which houses the Gravity Bar- Dublin’s highest bar, the Guinness Experience tour, the Connoisseurs room and lots more.

We learnt that there is an art to pouring the perfect pint and we saw the biggest pint glass in the world, which could hold 14 million pints of Guinness.

The perfect pour should take 119.5 seconds and the glass is placed at 45 degrees. Just before the head is poured, the Guinness is let stand thus enabling a smooth pour of the creamy head, which is now world famous.

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